Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who's minding the store?

Over the wires this morning came the news that Telio's CEO Arild Nilsen has resigned, to be replaced on an interim basis by CTO Alan Duric. I count Alan among my friends from the VoIP-o-sphere, and I consider him to be one of the brightest, and rightly one of the most respected, minds in the business. From my knowledge of him, however, he is happiest as an innovator focused on projects, so I don't envy his having to take on the responsibility of day-to-day operations. For his sake and the sake of innovation in the VoIP space, I hope Telio lands a full-time CEO quickly. Innovation matters more now than ever, not least because my Norwegian sources tell me that the Norwegian regulator's decision to relocate operations to a remote backwater has been greeted by mass resignations, which some sources put at up to (unconfirmed) 95% of total staff.

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