Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dart in the PAN

Just got an intriguing press release from Motorola, which states that its venture unit has made an investment in Dart Devices, heretofore unknown company (to me anyway), which describes itself as being in stealth mode. The release states that Dart will be making a demo at Demo 2007, so if anyone there has anything to share, I'm all ears. I stumbled into the customer area of the Dart site and found an interesting list of companies (including Vodafone, misspelled) there, along with more description, which sounds very much like a piece of the vision I heard from Motorola's own John Waclawsky back at Telco 2.0:

"DART combines a group of connected devices into one virtual device with all the collective software, hardware and content of the devices available to all the devices. Any device running the DartPlayer middleware can run Dart software applications, called "dapps," which can securely spread their execution across heterogeneous devices, operating systems and communications protocols.

The net effect is truly seamless interoperability between devices without any need for prior knowledge about the other devices or what software they contain. DART makes it easy to build new types of self-distributing software 'Social Applications' which can synchronize content and operations across any number of devices. This adds an important new dimension to existing interoperability technologies and standards."

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