Thursday, January 11, 2007

Data-mining 2.0

Good old Keith McMahon - in my opinion the greatest addition to the telcoblogorama in 2006 - continues to tirelessly devote himself to proper open-source analysis. Check out his latest post on Carphone Warehouse mobile sales, which has some interesting analysis and conclusions indeed. One interesting follow-on question arises - where does this data come from? The answer, which I find very amusing, is that if you open up the Powerpoint version of slides, such as these from the last set of annual results, go to slide 12 ("Free broadband - recruitment channels"), and click on the chart, you will find a treasure trove of data behind, which I assume the company would probably rather not have you see. But get it while it's hot, I expect we may see some alterations to these slides in the near future.

UPDATE: It's now 3:15 PM and if you're wondering why the link to the Powerpoint no longer works, it's because the company has pulled them from the site.

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