Friday, January 26, 2007

Chapter and U-Verse

If you're either a bull or bear on FTTN, take some time and read this exceedingly detailed and interesting first-hand review of AT&T's U-Verse service, including tons of screengrabs. No matter what your view, you'll probably find something that confirms it here - there are plenty of positives, but also some glaring negatives (single HD stream only, highly compressed VOD signal) which I, as a bear, focus on. Despite the pretty balanced views of the reviewer, the final assessment is a damning one:

"This is still a beta service and for some reason they decided to roll it out unfinished. They should not be charging for the service as it is now... U-Verse is just a band aid for what AT&T really needs to do, and that would be fiber to the home."

(Thanks to the Mother of All Palladium Club mega-uber value readers for drawing my attention to this.)

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