Friday, January 05, 2007

10 Things x 1000

I continue to be frankly astonished by the apparent enduring interest in/probable disdain for my Telco 2.0 presentation back in October. At present, the Google query "Ten Things I Hate About You" turns up the explanatory blog post as number six, even ahead of the Yahoo! Movies listing. A visitor to the site today from a Korean telco arrived via the search query "enck telco hate," and recently I have seen other similar queries from equally unlikely places, which suggests some sort of international word-of-mouth campaign. Downloads of the accompanying slides now stand at 965 (9% of which have been BitTorrent downloads, impressively enough), and we should hit 1,000 in the next few days. What can I say? Thanks, for a start, but beyond that I remain a bit befuddled.

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