Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feeling Joost

The Venice Project has a new name - Joost - and more importantly, is open to further beta testers. Yesterday a mega-uber value reader and fellow beta tester alerted me to the fact that he had received 25 additional tokens, versus two at a time previously. This backs up Fredrik de Wahl's email statement which I received this morning: "We've been somewhat conservative about expanding our beta - but that's going to change pretty rapidly now." I assume the plan is to get the network as robustly seeded as possible ASAP, then bring on much more content (I have heard about deals which are not visible yet), and then to increase picture resolution. In the age of HD by any means necessary, I don't believe the current resolution offers a sustainable competitive advantage (even though the client itself rocks), but I also assume that the Joost architects have understood and anticipated this from day one. Oh my aching backbone!

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