Friday, January 19, 2007

Absolutely Fabviral

Wish I'd been in Amsterdam today, where I am told that a couple of hours ago there was a press briefing around the release of the Fabplayer beta. A mega-uber value reader previously pointed me to this example - unfortunately, I can't see it, because the IT Nazis have locked down MySpace, but I look forward to checking it out at home. Anyway, this is a brilliant piece of viral thinking for Fabchannel, using the interface familiar to users via Flickr! badges, etc., to allow users to personalize the video streams they want to broadcast to the world - expanding awareness of Fabchannel in the process. I will try to embed one on Chaotica and see how it looks. Exciting stuff from Europe!

UPDATE: I have installed the player on Chaotica. Depending on your display size and resolution settings, it may end up at the bottom the screen. I think the video quality is stunning.

UPDATE 2: Back at home this evening and watching the player through the Chaotica site, even on my pathetic 4Mbps cable connection, I am very impressed by the stability of the streams (better than in my office, I have to admit). Looking at my bandwidth meter, though, they do seem very bursty - I'm seeing everything from 300kbps to over 4Mbps during a given clip. This sort of observation feeds my growing bandwidth obsession.

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