Thursday, January 11, 2007

Step right up

If you happen to be in Sweden and looking to pick up a butt-load of TD-CDMA kit on the cheap, try here. I gather that A2C Accelerated Wireless has gone into liquidation, but I don't actually know anything about the company. I see references in the regulator website from late last year, but Swedish is, well, Greek to me. Any Swedish mega-uber value readers willing to lend a hand would be warmly welcomed.

UPDATE: A number of mega-uber value readers have chipped in on this one. The clearest version of the story runs like this: "Accelerated Wireless built a UMTS-TDD network in the southeast part of Sweden, covering the municipality of Kalmar with surroundings. The Swedish government has been funding a lot of broadband network buildouts in the last couple of years and AW were supposed to get 60 MSEK in subsidies for their network. The project was severely delayed and in the end the municipalities cancelled the agreement with AW and went with TeliaSonera instead, freezing the subsidies and forcing AW into liquidation. The initial idea was to find a buyer for the network that was already deployed, but it seems like nobody was interested in that..."

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