Thursday, January 04, 2007


Mega-uber value visitors to this site and its little brother Chaotica from today will notice a slight change. I've started using Snap's Snap Preview Anywhere code in the sites. What this does is just provide a miniature screen grab of whatever it is I'm linking to - not at all necessary, but it livens the site up visually and I just think it's downright cool. Let me know what you think.

UPDATE: I'm really pleased with this thing, I have to say. It indexes all the links in a new post very damned fast, and it also seems to re-index non-specific links (like company home pages) every day, because in looking back at a few such links from yesterday, they have definitely been updated. I am a bit confused by a couple of things, however. It doesn't seem to have crawled back beyond one month, at least not so far. Maybe it populates the rest of the links over time, or perhaps this is just the way it's set up to run. The other thing is that it doesn't work for self-referential links, i.e., links to other items within the blog. I guess that's not really necessary, but I am curious as to why it is the case. Anyway, on balance, I think it rocks.

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