Tuesday, February 01, 2005

While you were sleeping...

I've been buried in some other projects, and consequently not watching VoIP things like I should. However, Keith at VoIPNUKE has been awake and counting Skype downloads. He's on Mountain Time I believe, so judging from the time stamp on his post, there were 55,339,228 downloads at 2:08 AM my time today, or so it seems, and he reckons that Skype saw 339k downloads in the previous 30 hours. Looking now, eight hours later, the total is 56,404,006, which suggests an incredible 133k downloads per hour, or 2200 per minute. Can this be right? Maybe it's got something to do with the launch of 1.0 for Mac and Linux today. Add to my personal wishlist a time series of download history (either Excel format or graphic) from the Skype servers at some point.

Separately, my humble blog has reached the 100 subscriber point, according to my Bloglines newsreader. Thank you all for your ongoing interest and helpful input. I intend to post somewhat less sporadically within about a week, once my outbox has been cleared.

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