Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Turn me loose

Today's Financial Times contains an IT supplement section (which they want you to pay for online - or sign up for a 15-day trial), and in this is an interesting survey of corporate telecom procurement managers from the UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Spain and Italy. The grapic is very generously offered free by the FT here. Note the apparent indifference (nearly 50%) to multi-modal (GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi) offerings from a single provider. Of more interest is the graphic at far right, which focuses specifically on laptop users. The bias here is still overwhelmingly toward cellular, but Wi-Fi puts in a respectable showing, with more than 5% responding that their plans are mostly Wi-Fi-related, and nearly 15% saying that they are going for an even mix of Wi-Fi and cellular. I hope that O2, which commissioned the survey will continue to update it, because it would be interesting to see how the responses trend over time.

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