Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The return of Peerio

Popular Telephony has frequently been accused of promising much and delivering little which is visible, at least outside its partner community. That may well be about to change, and I think we can expect a flurry of announcements in coming days, and hopefully some better visibility about what lies ahead. It is my understanding that the company is trying to cut the lead time between announcements and delivery, as well as to release one new application every month. Today PT is to make the first new announcement in some months, a partnership with Commoca to embed Peerio on Commoca terminals based on Texas Instruments' TNETV1050 platform. This seems to partially validate PT's focus on silicon, as the relationship with TI probably went a long way to opening the door for this deal, and may mark an expanded presence in the US market. Watch for more PT news in coming days.

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