Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cuddly porcupine

A clever and funny friend wrote not so long ago that listening to telecom executives extolling the virtues of IP was like watching a naked man hug a porcupine. That may not be limited to telecom, by any means. Yesterday, I finally finished and published a masochistic 133-page note on BSkyB, and for anyone who may have stayed awake past page two, my recurring theme was that the company is hampered long term by a lack of broadband connectivity. It's service is mainly push, with limited pull or push-back, and this is out of step with trends elsewhere, or so I argued. So you can imagine my interest in seeing this story on the front page of today's Financial Times. Frankly, I find the admission of one News Corp. insider in the article (“Ever since the bubble there has not been very much conversation about the internet round here, but now attention is on it again.”) somewhat shocking in early 2005.

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