Friday, February 25, 2005

Q4 datapoints - Germany

Satellite behemoth SES-Global has issued a press release on the state of German TV in 2004, quizzically only in German, though the IR department has emailed a translation. I have reproduced it below. Interestingly, only 1.4m households still receive terrestrial TV, and nearly half of those are on DTT. Also of note is the virtual halt of digital cable subscription growth last year, in favor of satellite, which grew 65% last year. Also of potential interest is this paper detailing some of the fairly radical steps taken to promote digital switchover.


ASTRA Penetration in Germany

  • In 2004 the number of satellite TV households in Germany increased by1 million to 15.47 million (+ 7%)
  • 43% of all TV households in Germany rely on DTH satellite
  • The number of cable households in Germany decreased by 3.9% to 19.35 million households
  • Only 1.37 million households (-15.5%) out of 36.18 million TVhouseholds in Germany continue to receive terrestrial TV
  • The overall ASTRA penetration in 2004 increased by 920.000 households to 15.2 million
  • Including cable redistribution ASTRA reaches 34.55 million households in Germany
  • The number of digital satellite households in Germany increased by1.78 million (+64.9%) to 4.51 million
  • 63.4% of all digital TV households in Germany receive via satellite (+5%)
  • ASTRA’s digital penetration increased by 1.76 million to 4.47 million(= 99% of all digital satellite TV households in Germany)
  • Germany currently counts 1.98 million digital cable households
  • The number of terrestrial digital homes is 0.62 million

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