Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bitten by a Python?

This press release caught my eye yesterday. What I know about coding in Python you could write on the head of a pin, but someone I had some correspondence with out in Oz last year was working on some interesting-sounding SIP applications written in it. I seem to recall him saying that the voicemail box function he wrote required very few lines of code. If anyone out there has any further ideas or insight to share, do feel free to contact me. I'm wondering if there's any case for viewing this as a backdoor to independently-developed VoIP applications making their way onto Symbian-based 3G phones, without carrier "buy-in," or even awareness?

UPDATE: Trawling through the BitTorrent download data on SourceForge (and incidentally, it did go down in January, as far as I can see), it occurred to me that this is another common place where we find Python used. Most of the really popular clients, including the original application itself, were written in Python. Got an hour to kill on your commute home? Set up an ad hoc swarm with the people on your bus. You can't do it now, but I'd be surprised if it weren't possible within a couple of years.

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