Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Getting to know you

One thing I have discovered in my first year of blogging is that the process opens up doors to all kinds of contacts that I never would have had previously, and many of these contacts come from within industry. All of them have something interesting to say, but for political or strategic reasons, might not necessarily want to be seen to say it in a public forum.

In talking with one new contact, Thomas Anglero of Telenor, we hit upon an idea which creates a forum for an open and meaningful discussion to take place on a first-name only basis. Let's call it "First Name, First Tuesday," just as a working title. This would involve setting up a Skype conference call which could be captured using the method described by Stuart Henshall, and then syndicated as a podcast using Gary Lerhaupt's Prodigem or some other hosting service.

This post is intended to elicit feedback on the idea itself, and to assess likely levels of interest in participating. A lot of work still needs to be done to put this together, but we wanted to float the idea up front. Ping me or Thomas with your thoughts.

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