Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Who's next?

My sense about what we've seen from the "attack from cyberspace" crowd in the voice market over the past three months is that it is partially driven by strategic planning, and partially by a near-paranoid need to match each other, whether anyone is really sure where they're collectively heading or not. I didn't think it was at all outlandish that NewsCorp might have taken an interest in Skype, and similarly I'm wondering where Amazon sits in all of this. It's a player of sorts in search, and its proposition is also theoretically built around some social principles (recommendations, wish lists, and the like). Meanwhile, I guess if you're a key facilitator of this lemming-like race into voice, such as GIPS, you've gotta be loving life right about now. Every day brings some new adopter of wideband codecs.

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