Monday, September 12, 2005

Have another Danish

A mega-super value reader with greater facility at Danish than I possess (that's not hard to achieve), comments on the Danish Competition Authority's fiber report (which the agency curiously apparently did not imagine would generate demand for an English version[!]). While I continue to long for a full translation, for now I make do with his takeaways from the report, which seem to provide more grist to the mill of fiber activists:

"Average cost per month for FTTH (dark fiber only) = EUR 12.80
LRIC copper accessline of TDC = EUR 11.27
Rent of unbundled copper line for competitor of TDC = EUR 9.00

(For the sake of clarity, the above is drawn from the report, the below is derived from the reader's understanding of the report.)

If you assume two fibers (one for IP, one for TV because analog overlay is a very user friendly, cheap and high quality way to transport broadcast signals, especially HDTV) then it reduces to:
EUR 9.00 for IP fiber
EUR 4.00 for TV fiber

Plus we have to consider the lower maintenance costs of fiber over copper."

UPDATE: Another gigavalue reader points me towards the Ireland Offline Committee forums, where a member has had a crack at a short summary of the report.

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