Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Shameless self-promotion corner, revisited

Well, if nothing else, I think Skype has shown us what single-minded self-promotion can achieve, if it's backed up by some substance. I'm a little less single-minded, and would never ask anyone for anywhere near $4bn, but I guess a little self-promotion now and again doesn't hurt.

I was recently honored to be asked to write a guest article for the always impressive Muniwireless. I chose to focus on the interesting case study which is Fabchannel - it may not be a wireless story, but it brings together muni open networks, incumbents, visionaries and music labels, and can be found here.

Secondly, next Wednesday I will be presenting at Carriers World in London. I agreed to this event so long ago that the topic I am supposed to be speaking about seems almost absurd following the events of this torrid summer in the VoIP world, and I am very relieved that I missed the organizers' deadline for summary papers. I'll just turn up and do what I can do, which is probably to antagonize, depress and maybe even amuse, a room full of telco people. Perhaps I should take a leaf from the Marx Brothers playbook and charge a special fee for not showing up...

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