Thursday, September 29, 2005

If you've got 30 minutes to kill...

The folks at Citynet have posted an .mp3 of my presentation from Tuesday. Martin's was recorded as well, but apparently there was a technical glitch which means that only the second half remains, which is a shame, but still well worth a listen when it gets posted too. For anyone who was at VON Stockholm or Carriers World, it's probably familiar territory, minus the visual Powerpoint gags (though they've posted those as well). It's important to note that I was speaking to a diverse audience, some well-acquainted with my topic, others not. It's also important to note that I was trying to add a bit of humor to what was essentially a very downbeat assessment of telecom's prospects, so there are some tongue-in-cheek comments which should be taken as such.

UPDATE: Event moderator Guido van Nispen has posted an interview podcast which features me meandering like a lost goat, while Martin is his usual eloquent, lucid and focused self.

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