Thursday, September 29, 2005

Desperate times call for desperate advertising

This evening, sitting in front of the TV while digesting a wonderful meal, I saw an obviously high-dollar ad for Orange (a mega-value reader has kindly sent me the link), which portrayed a suitably stylish and attractive Scottish man (this was voiceover only - I'm sure the accent/language varies by target country just like shampoo and chocolate) meandering around a blacked-out New York City in 2003 and witnessing all manners of displays of human kindness, good humor, and wackiness during the sudden and alarming power outage which occurred there. While I applaud the artistic effort (it is a stunning ad), needless to say, judging from personal accounts I have heard, the actual event wasn't quite so much fun. More to the point, the message of the ad, stated at the end, is that amazing things can happen when you are disconnected. Am I crazy in thinking that it is counterproductive for a mobile operator to be telling its customers, no matter how beautifully, that there is life outside of mobile connectivity? Can you imagine Coca-Cola launching a campaign under the slogan "A day without Coke is like a day in Paradise?"

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