Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What do we want to watch?

Apologies to those not resident in the UK, but the title is a reference to Sky's near-ubiquitous "What do you want to watch?" marketing campaign, which seems to be moving into high gear again. As for the more cutting edge aspects of video distribution, across the pond, Gary Lerhaupt has been hard at work once again, now introducing PEP (Prodigem Enclosure Puller), a piece of code for automatically yanking enclosures out of RSS feeds and creating Torrent files for them in Prodigem. What's more, he's linked PEP up to the popular videos feed on del.icio.us to create and seed torrents of this content, making a sort of "people's PVR," in the sense that what turns up there will reflect in more-or-less real time the current state of popular interest. Bet the TV industry would like to be able to do that...

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