Thursday, September 29, 2005

Skype satisfaction

I guess one thing that will have to change under the eBay regime is that information flow will have to be a lot more disciplined. Still, for now the press releases seem to reach me (and whoever else is on the list) hours before appearing on the company website (don't get me wrong, I've always appreciated the advanced warning, but the SEC wouldn't like this). Today's release of Skype v.1.4 contains the following results from an independent survey commissioned by the company:

"According to the independent study, Skype is used once or several times a day by 76% of its callers, far surpassing the usage levels of traditional IM-based voice calling services. Callers also recognized Skype's leadership in sound quality - 72% of Skype users consider call quality to be good to excellent. Skype callers are more international, with 85% communicating with people living abroad. Skype's broad base of early adopters are eager to embrace new features, with 79% interested or very interested in receiving calls from landlines, and 73% interested or very interested in adopting call forwarding, key innovations unique to Skype."

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