Wednesday, May 25, 2005

`Why the waffle?

Apologies for the obvious Belgian stereotyping. I'm still trying to catch up on blog-reading, and just noticed an interesting post in which JC highlights moves by KPN's Belgian mobile subsidiary BASE to attack incumbent Belgacom's fixed line business (and it's not just the fixed - the Proximus mobile unit today cut revenue and EBITDA guidance). I particularly like the senior citizen discount angle. At a purely propagandistic level, I'm amazed that there is no mention of this in KPN's corportate website. It's your own subsidiary, it's doing something interesting in a market where analysts have been skeptical of your prospects, and you apparently don't want to get any mileage from it. Curious.

UPDATE: Looking through my mountain of unopened email, I realize that another super-value reader sent me this story late last week, and I missed it. Apologies. It also seems that rumors are afoot that BASE may be developing a DSL strategy for the Belgian market. Another chapter in mutual annihilation begins.

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