Monday, May 23, 2005

Nordic IP explosion

I'm about to leave for VON in Stockholm, but a couple of newsflashes are in order:

  • In a further extension of the "IP as blunt weapon of EuroTelco mutual annihilation" theme, Telenor has today announced acquisitions in both of its neighboring markets. Telenor is paying SEK6bn, or 3x 2004 sales, for Bredbandsbolaget, Sweden's number two broadband services company, with 335k subs (80k of whom are VoIP users), and also taking out Cybercity, number three in Denmark. Total consideration, including assumed debt, works out at around NOK6.5bn, or EUR800m to acquire 425k customers. Punchy.
  • Over the weekend, I received word that Telio's 2004 results showed positive net income, and an EBITDA margin of 12.2% on turnover of NOK42.8m in 2004. Apparently the company is to report earnings quarterly from now on.

UPDATE @ 18:31 CET: Coincidentally (;-0), shares in Nextgentel closed up 6.4% today...

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