Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Just by the by

I had a brief chat this morning with Dmitry Goroshevsky of Popular Telephony. We should be prepared for a fairly subversive upcoming announcement relating to Peerio Biz in coming weeks. Also, when the company announced Peerio Data, my first reaction was to ponder what sort of implications this might have in a content distribution context. Interesting then that in today's call Dmitry expressed an interest in licensing Peerio Data to third party file sharing application developers. Popular Telephony's trials appear to suggest that it is at least competitive with BitTorrent. As I understand it, the original file upload is distributed from the start, so there is no "seed" file as such, and apparently no audit trail to lead to anyone uploading or downloading.

UPDATE: Indeed, it looks increasingly likely that the content giants are going to find discovery and interdiction ever more challenging.

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