Tuesday, November 09, 2004

VoWi-Fi is good for you

I made a partly tongue-in-cheek post last week about how once we saw a depiction of Skype use in a mainstream TV drama, we would know VoIP had really arrived. It was only partly tongue-in-cheek, however, and I think a number of fairly basic things have to happen for consumers to become genuinely comfortable with adopting new applications and bearer technologies - some signals have to be sent and some assurances made. Try this one just released by Spectralink (which incidentally has outperformed Motorola by 29% over three months). The Next of Kin Project has endorsed Spectralink products as being a key enabler in achieving hospital compliance with the Next of Kin Laws in Illinois and California, which aim to establish contact with relatives within 24 hours of admission. Quite apart from some of the more emotive elements of this press release, the point is a perfectly valid one. VoWi-Fi provides the mobility at 1/50 of the electromagnetic radiation of cellular, and it works.

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