Friday, November 19, 2004

Clearwire in Europe, revisited

My earlier post on Clearwire in Austria contained an error, apologies. It was early in the morning and I thought the auction figures were denominated in 1,000s. In fact the auction proceeds were EUR464k, not million. Perhaps if the company had responded to my inquiry of last week I wouldn't have to rely on third party sources... I have updated the original post accordingly.

A reader kindly pointed out the fact that Clearwire won a 3.5GHz license in greater Copenhagen during the summer through Flux (anyone with a good grasp of Danish look here). As far as I know, the population of greater Copenhagen is 1.7m, and they reportedly shelled out $260,000 for the license, which implies 15 cents per PoP. This seems insanely cheap, but it is well above the level that the Austrian auction worked out at, and they sat that one out.

The same reader also points to Belgium where Clearwire (Flux) has obtained spectrum in a base-station-by-base-station process.

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