Wednesday, November 24, 2004

VoIP (Picadilly) Circus

There's an old saying in London, that if you stand in Trafalgar Square long enough, you will eventually see everyone you know. (Chances are you will also be on the receiving end of anti-social behavior from pigeons and humans alike in the meantime.) If you follow the VoIP space and can't wait around, you might want to move just up the road to Picadilly Circus, where next Monday and Tuesday a number of familiar faces will meet up for another VoIP food fight sponsored by Osney Media. John Rego of Vonage is to be there, and Andy speculates we might get some details on Vonage's UK strategy. I am also on the program, and getting a feeling that I might say some things that no one will like. The presence of the excellent Tony Fish as moderator ensures that it is likely to be punchy, challenging and lively. I will blog the event after the fact. (With Wi-Fi, how long before someone starts illicitly webcasting these events, setting up Skype conference calls for those not in attendance, or distributing video after the fact over P2P? You have to wonder about the conference industry.)

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