Thursday, November 04, 2004

Anarchy in the UK - Telabria WiMAX

Thank the lord for global telecom analyst teams. A Hong Kong colleague has pointed me towards an announcement yesterday from UK mesh specialist Telabria of a WiMAX deployment in the Southeast of England. The network is being supplied by SkyPilot and Redline Communications, runs in the 5.8GHz range and delivers 3Mbps the end user. I hope to speak with Telabria's CEO tomorrow to learn more about the business plans.

On a related note, I'm also trying to get confirmation of some stories I'm hearing which suggest that PCCW's Netvigator service (which uses TD-CDMA from IPWireless) is taking a significantly higher share of broadband net adds than one might think, suggesting that the battle for broadband supremacy is truly no longer a cable/BT duopoly.

It's interesting that this announcement comes in the same week as all the Lisbon goals newsflow, and the Access to Broadband Campaign conference in Scotland, where people are pretty hot-under-the-kilt about scarcity of broadband. Note the comment from a local Member of Parliament towards the end of the Telabria release.

UPDATE - I subsequently found this in the ever-excellent MuniWireless, and it fills in a lot more detail.

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