Friday, November 19, 2004

Clearwire in Europe

A bit of personal information (don't worry, I won't be posting photos of my cat or children) - my wife and I have friends in Vienna, and knowing that I am interested in this sort of thing, they have sent me a couple of interesting links. One is from the Austrian regulator's website, and shows that Clearwire was an applicant in the country's 3.5GHz auction in October, along with T-Mobile Austria among others. Apparently, the company decided the pricing was too rich (EUR464k was raised, or about EUR0.06 per PoP), as it doesn't seem to have participated in any of the ten rounds. T-Mobile apparently made the same determination. Austria already has pretty impressive DSL and cable competition, so I can only infer that the pricing (bid up by the incumbent and cablecos) vaporized the business plan for a complete newcomer to the market like Clearwire. Vienna is an even more complicated picture, as suggested by the second link, to Wien Energie's FTTH project, blizznet.

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