Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More on sell-side research - give the people what they want

Before anyone pillories me for posting this, the point of this is not self-aggrandizement (though it obviously made me smile), but rather a validation of the concept that a lot of people, both buy and sell side, are struggling with, as proven by the strong responses to previous posts on this issue. The comment is presented anonymously, but the investor in question works for a large fund that most brokers would lop off their right arms to get business from - and I would not have come into contact with him, or vice versa, if not for this blog. Take from it what you will.

"Your work is still the most meaningful material I receive from the sell-side (and I think the gap is widening). I just spent the entirety of the Telecom Italia conference call reading your blog archive and some of the linked material. (Tells you something about the quality of the TI call as well as the quality of the blog.) It's got me thinking, not reacting - thus avoiding one of the most glaring errors made by most sell-side shops. (Do I care how the last quarter went? Sure. Do I need eighteen different shops giving me an update on 3Q:04 earnings? No, I need a company's press release for that.) The visions are dancing in my head: how will I use this stuff? And how will people make money off this stuff? Your blog always sets off a dozen different thought-threads in my head - and for that I thank you."

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