Monday, December 13, 2004

VoIP: SIP, don't gulp

My man Andy has two publicly professed passions - VoIP and wine. So why not see where the two meet up? What does any self-respecting wine afficionado love to do? A: have a tasting for those similarly inclined. Andy has done just that today, in a series of Audioblogs, over a variety of US-based VoIP services. Personally, I have too short an attention span to do this sort of thing myself, but I admire Andy and others like him who are devoted to giving the rest of us a hands-on, battlefront account of the look, feel, taste, bouquet and sound of consumer VoIP. Arguably, with an estimated 400 access-independent providers in the US market, this sort of brilliant exercise may be a very valuable tool in helping people decide what to use.

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