Tuesday, December 14, 2004

UK Q3 DTT numbers

UK sooper-dooper regulator OFCOM has released the digital TV market numbers for Q3, revealing the one missing data point for the quarter - DTT units, which grew by 660k (sequential growth of 13.3%). In total there are just over 5m DTT receivers in the UK (about 60k higher than what I was expecting), and after OFCOM adjustments for second sets, this apparently works out at 3.9m households in all. DTT set-top box units added 563k in the quarter (17% sequential growth, and over 10x the level achieved by Sky), and impressive growth also came from IDTVs (14% sequential, or nearly 100k added in the quarter). Curiously, no estimates for TV-over-DSL this time around. At this rate Q4 should be a blow-out for Freeview, as the product is receiving pride of place status in a number of high traffic shopping areas in London, and presumably elsewhere.

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