Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Rich Wi-Fi, poor Wi-Fi

Two announcements today highlighting the ineptness with which the carriers have misread the popular groundswell which is Wi-Fi. First, the marketing people at TeliaSonera have apparently decided that a price cut is in order, and have today cut the price for monthly unlimited usage on the HomeRun network by 40%, to SEK800. That's still $119 per month, excluding 25% VAT.

Meanwhile, the lovely people at Consume in the UK are staging an event on 9th December at Limehouse Town Hall in East London to discuss further developments in the Wireless London node database. A working concept page can be found here. I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel at an event this time last year with James Stevens and Julian Priest of Consume, and Adam Burns of free2air, and what struck me is the different perspective they bring, being both technologists and artists. The node database white board link above shows that this project is looking at drawing in all sorts of information about the local areas around the nodes listed in it, to make it a richer and potentially more useful experience.

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