Monday, December 20, 2004

Take my voice - I mean it, really

Deposited to my spam pile a few moments ago courtesy of the Daiwa spam filter (which is surprisingly accurate) was a message from BT Yahoo!, inviting me to their "broadband paradise" and urging me:

HURRY! Offer ends 31st December
FREE UK Local & National calls* from your PC using BT Communicator until 31st January 2006 FREE PC Headset (while stocks last)** to make calling from your PC easier
FREE BT Communicator with Yahoo! Messenger software

BT Yahoo! Broadband brings you the complete Broadband service, providing all the online features you need to get the most out of Broadband internet.

Plus FREE Broadband router and FREE activation if you sign up online!

Last month I noted BT's voice giveaway, which at that time was to be extended to the first 50,000 broadband subscribers to sign up between then (9th November) and 31st December. That was nearly 6 weeks ago. In the previous quarter BT signed up residential broadband customers at a rate of over 11k per week, so at that rate, the 50k mark should have been hit a little under two weeks ago. It would appear that the offering has been extended, which either means that it's going fantastically well, or that Retail's calendar Q4 DSL numbers are looking anemic.

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