Thursday, December 09, 2004

VoIP Santa Claus

You know that VoIP has made it to the mainstream when new entrants embrace quirky marketing tactics in an effort to differentiate themselves. OnInstant is launching a consumer voice client called On4 (familiar proposition - on-net calls free, calls to UK PSTN less than 1p per minute, cheap international calls), but as a launch promotion is also offering up a round-the-clock "On4Santa" who will:

"...offer season’s greetings and chat with children - listening to requests for presents and commenting on life at the North Pole. In addition, if he is away getting presents ready, Santa will be giving away a Sony Playstation to the best “ho ho ho” voicemail left for him."

What a job. I wonder if the Vonage UK launch will be ushered in by a team of skydivers with flares, or by John Rego suspended in a glass box over the Thames?

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