Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Season's greetings/blog humbug

I'd just like to extend my thanks and best wishes to all those who have read this humble blog over the past months, and moreover to the many who have submitted suggestions and leads which have helped the overall effort. I can very happily report that embarking on this project is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Best wishes to all and enjoy the seasonal celebration relevant to your particular tradition/timezone/browser type. The posts here are going to be (to borrow a trader's phrase) "thin and choppy" over the next several days, as I recharge with kith and kin.

Interesting piece today in the FT (registration/trial subscription required) about enterprise blogging. Not exactly cutting edge coverage, but then again, if it's making headlines in mainstream publications like this, that's certainly a good thing. One fact which caught my eye is that investment bank DrKW is currently running around 120 internal blogs to ease collaboration and information flow. I imagine this has raised a number of issues around Chinese Walls and other sensitive areas, but it does seem as though these have been viewed, appropriately, as necessary evils of capturing the good things. The head of credit trading and debt syndication in the company is quoted as saying, "It's potentially a very interesting tool to tap into the social fabric of the company and better understand where knowledge lies." Indeed.

As for senior management within my own firm, my prediction is that once they discover the internet (will 2005 be the year?), we're halfway there.

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