Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Running to stay in place

Mega-uber value readers, I have been buried with some work commitments, but normal blogservice should be restored in a few days. I should be focusing on catching up with bloggables from the company reporting of the past week, but to be honest, Keith has done such a splendid job so far, it would be almost embarrassing for me to pick up the baton at this point. In the meantime, and in no particular order, here is some unfinished business from my "OUT" tray, which may be of interest to some of you:

A Palladium Club mega-uber value reader points me to this amazing site which converts link data from websites into a beautiful graph resembling a molecule diagram of some sort. I couldn't resist running it on this humble bloglet, and I'm amazed to see the results. Wish I had some insight into what each node in the diagram represents (maybe that's included in the upcoming premium version?).

My iPod died recently, and while I consider my next purchase, I have been consoling myself in the office by playing around with Pandora. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out, it's very impressive. Think of it as going around to a friend's house and having them play you some music they think you'd like - some you have heard, some is new and intriguing. And I like the founder Tim Westergren's style, getting out on the road in America, building awareness and also picking up some insight into the local/regional indie scene in each place. I didn't think these sorts of things happened anymore...

Apparently in response to comments I made at VON to the effect that telco video is only worth doing if it is different and relevant to the local market, a mega-uber value reader submits TV Terra, from Terra (Telefonica) in Brazil. My Portugese is not great, but it seems to be a mash-up of in-house content production and user-generated video culled from around the net (including the now-legendary Aleksey "Impossible is Nothing" Vayner), with a YouTube-like interface. Um tubo diferente, perhaps, but Terra's efforts seem to be attracting interest from mainstream advertisers, if I have gotten the gist of this segment. Perhaps telcos are getting the message afterall...

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