Thursday, November 16, 2006

Get slung

While I was trapped on a disrupted London Underground train to my meeting, Disruptive Dean was raving about the new 3 UK X-Series deal with native Skype, Sling Player Mobile, and a bunch of other very cool stuff, and no volume-based pricing in sight (though subscription to Orb or Sling services apparently does carry some additional access fee). Needless to say, I share his enthusiasm - at last a mobile telco which embraces the idea of delivering end-user value through providing abundance and embracing third party services.

"Just like the fixed line internet, all X-Series services will be free at the point of use, subject only to fair usage limits."

I saw a demonstration of the Sling Mobile application at Telco 2.0 last month, and it was extremely impressive. Stuart Collingwood from Sling Media, in that presentation, discussed the Viasat deal and alluded to "a couple" of carrier deals in the pipeline, so now that we have this one, I am curious as to which cellco "gets it" next. (A replay of the webcast, which I missed, is apparently going to be available in about half an hour.)

UPDATE: Even if you don't make it through the entire webcast, you should listen to CFO Frank Sixt's segment.

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