Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Memory lane

A momentary break from the apocalyptic for some harmless nostalgia. I found this in the garden shed today. It is a space hopper (hippity-hop to the Americans) which I got from Orange back in 1999 in exchange for some loyalty points I had on my account. Orange used to give away all sorts of quirky things. I recall that one prize for people who had amassed a lot of points was to have a caricature drawing of yourself done in a private sitting by a professional cartoonist. Cellular penetration was a lot lower back then, and Orange was a really cool, imaginative brand, with a genuine sense of humor. UK residents, or others familiar with Orange during the period, will look at the single-word instruction on the object (characteristic of their marketing at the time), and smile with fond remembrance.

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Kerl at Beem said...

What a lovely trip down memory lane.
As one of the original Orange Pioneers, it certainly put a Beem on my face.

So here's another simple instruction for all your readers.