Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's not all grim up North

Whew, the market really hated the Telenor numbers (stock down 9.4%), and there must be some pretty sore backsides in brokerland given some of the aggressive price targets I've seen just recently. Anyway, Norway did produce some positive news today, from Telio, which is licensing the Xten eyeBeam development kit to develop their own video softphone. Based on Telio CEO Espen Fjogstad's presentation in Barcelona last week, I expect the company must be nearing the 50,000 subscriber mark in Norway (which is huge in a market of 4.5m people), and I am reasonably confident that Telio minutes of traffic are in the 40m range per month. Looking at Telenor's figures today, that would seem to be equivalent to about 4% of traffic on the Norwegian PSTN.

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