Monday, April 04, 2005

It's the Skype, stoopid

Got my copy of the Eurescom Message this morning in the post, and it contains this comforting message for telcos - the stupid network is just a myth. Whew, thank God for that. I thought the sector was really in trouble for a minute there (UPDATE: I enjoyed forwarding this to Martin - I could hear him snarling all the way from Edinburgh). My friend Richard seems to be saying something ever-so-slightly at odds with this view in this strong post here (I like his point 10: "Be scared", and also his observation that a lot of the best and brightest in the industry are still in the dark about things like Skype. I have to confess that I rarely come into contact with industry people who are the in the dark about Skype these days, but I know Richard has deep and far-reaching roots in the industry, so his assessment is all the more chilling.).

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