Thursday, April 28, 2005

Liberte, egalite, et transformation

A few interesting datapoints from the France Telecom results today:

  • The company added 95k VoIP subs in the quarter in France, to 245k in total. That works out at about 7% penetration of retail DSL connections.
  • 416k Livebox units have been shipped to date, up 78% sequentially in the quarter. I work that out at about 14k per week.
  • The MaLigne TV product is perhaps somewhat less impressive. To date only 101k accounts are active, and 30k of these are "monoplay" (i.e., TV only) accounts.
  • Over 340k Business Everywhere subscribers
  • 52k mobile broadband subscribers in France (I know it's early days yet, but they have 21m mobile subs in France)

Ironically, as I was searching in the France Telecom consumer website, a pop-up ad appeared, which was for Club Internet's (that's Deutsche Telekom) special 8Mbps offer in France - EUR9.90 per month for the first three months, EUR14.90 per month thereafter. I am sure the average French household spends much more than that on bread in a given month. Telco mutual assured destruction is upon us!

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