Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spring has sprung

That's always a bold statement to make in the UK, but I'm sticking my neck out. While I was basking in the overcast of Devon for the past few days, the guys over at VoIPUser have been hard at work slicing and dicing usage data with some cleverly devised script. VoIPUser is a smaller community than many (around 12,000 active subs at present), with a concurrent user base of 3,500 at any given time, and the geek quotient is considerably higher than in many VoIP communities. Nevertheless, I think the data is interesting and may be useful as a microcosm of the SIP world at present. Of particular interest to me is the preponderance of Asterisk in the top eight user agents (moreso given future developments), the growth of Fritzbox units in this list, and the prominence of Poland (as with Skype), Brazil and Canada (all of which have large diasporas well-represented in London) in outbound call totals.

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