Thursday, April 06, 2006

Distributing Weed

No, that's not an offer. I subscribe to the Yahoo! Groups email list for Weedshare, the paid content superdistribution solution, and a couple of days ago the proprietor of this Weed file hosting site, 96decibels, posted some interesting stats to the list, which seem to point to explosive growth. In March, the site logged 2,049,468 page views from 254,336 visitors, and there were 254,614 Weedfile downloads in the month. In the first four days of April, the site had already seen 516,182 page views, 66,168 unique visitors, and 69,475 Weedfile downloads. His final remark was that he expects the site to exceed 3.5 million page views in April - that's month-on-month growth of 71%. While that number itself is pretty impressive, I'm also struck by the close correlation between visitor and download numbers - that's an almost 100% conversion rate, viewed in crude terms. It doesn't necessarily convert to revenue (recall that Weed files can be downloaded and previewed three times before the downloader is prompted to pay up or lose the file), but it's impressive nevertheless. I would love to know what proportion of the downloads actually end up converting to a transaction.

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