Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On another wavelength

Though I try to refrain from it, there are times when I feel compelled to pass on something cool just for the hell of it. Yesterday, while wandering around in the amazing Internet Archive, I found the answer to something I haven't understood for around 31 years or so. No, it wasn't "What was it like to sit in a meeting between John F. Kennedy and Douglas MacArthur?" Actually, it was those strange sounds I heard on my old, mostly-broken short wave radio late at night all those years ago in suburban Memphis (I didn't have much of a social life at that time). Well, now I know - it was spooks. Listen to/download the amazing recordings here and read the companion booklet. Interesting that security agencies get worked up about lawful intercept of VoIP and the dangers of Skype encryption, when a low-tech, legacy technology seems to work really well - though apparently no one acknowledges that this has been going on for 50+ years.

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