Thursday, April 06, 2006, or vanity 2.0

Things sure seem to be moving fast, and here are a few more semi-random datapoints to consider:

  • Om pointed a couple of days back to a seismic shift towards MySpace;
  • This YouTube video (which I alluded to in my recently published bandwidth note) has been viewed 7.3m times in four months and 700k times in the past six days by my observations;
  • The most recent additions to Flickr! are tagged with numbers in the 124.1m range, which means 3.4m images added in the six days since this post;
  • This blog, apparently created today in Blogger, bears the ID number 21866935. EuroTelcoblog, which was launched at the end of March 2004, is Blogger number 6695967.
  • Go to Cyworld (don't be intimidated by the Hangul characters) and point your cursor at some of the photos of featured members. I see numbers as high as 49m, which I presume to be account IDs, probably including Japan and China. [This is a rare case where a telco (SK Telecom) demonstrated the sense to get involved in something truly revolutionary.]

Understandably, mainstream media and advertising are "bricking it" as some Brits would indelicately put it, and it's fascinating to see the attempts at a response. The site is here - have a play around. It looks beautiful, and luckily it doesn't end in a shoot-out with the ATF.

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