Monday, April 10, 2006

Anarchy in the UK...

... it's coming sometime. Here are two more steps. Interesting that the Man U. article mentions financial services but not the team's foray into broadband, which seems more relevant to the topic. Clearly the Carphone Warehouse news is exciting and audacious, but I don't know how "unexpected" it is in the current climate. But before we get too excited, I'd like to pull back the EuroTelcoblog curtain and say that, in looking at my site traffic patterns, one fairly common set of search queries which drives people to the site consists of things like "TalkTalk eDonkey" and "TalkTalk peer to peer," suggesting there are some issues at work here. A little Googling turns up some disgruntled users (online gaming is classed as P2P - priceless!).

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