Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome to the Playground

Breaking news from Norway. Congratulations to my friend Thomas Anglero, whose WiHood service is as of today on the Telenor Playground platform. Thomas and I spoke about WiHood here back in August, and he has on many occasions shared privately with me his hopes, challenges and frustrations in making the WiHood vision a reality. I'm thrilled that he has reached this milestone. This is virtualization at its most human and mass market level, folks, and I think it's particularly interesting in a Telenor context given its mobile footprint. I would expect operators with similar emerging market assets to be interested, if they are as far up the learning curve as Telenor seems to be. It's a great illustration of the telco API meeting with an innovative startup to achieve what neither can easily do alone - break out the Akvavit!

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